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Costa Rican

Honey processing has its roots in Costa Rica, and later spread to other countries in Central America. At the wet mill, this process leaves some or all of the mucilage from the coffee cherry covering the wet parchment during the drying stage, giving the coffee a long?sweet taste with ripe fruit notes. Such beautiful dark yellow parchment will sun-dry on raised beds, to assure a steady and even dehydration of the fruit sugar. Aside from the cup benefits, honey process is more environmently friendly: less water is required during the wet mill, the fermentation stage is faster, and solar energy is used to dry the coffee.


12 Oz Bag

GEOGRAPHY RegionTarrazu (Honey Process)

Altitude           1200-1750

PRODUCER    Various, average size 3.5h per producer

VARIETY         Caturra and CatuaiPROCESSINGHoney processed and                               sundried



Costa Rican

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