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"Coffee is my passion - my art is creating a delicious and surprising cup that will overwhelm your every sense."

Owner & Roaster 

       Melvin Farr

I am a retired combat veteran and Father of four. I've been married 20 years. My love for coffee started in my younger years while working in the construction industry and only grew throughout my military career. Being an Infantryman, coffee was a precious commodity, but Army coffee was not that good. So, I began putting store bought coffee in cone shaped filters, and I would steep the coffee in my canteen cup on cold mornings or late nights in the field. LIGHT BULB MOMENT ! 

Thinking I wasn't the only person with the problem of having good coffee while in the field or on the trail, I developed a product to solve the problem. I began to get fresh roasted coffees. I would grind the beans just right and place the coffee in tea bags, then vacuum seal the package so it had a long shelf life. I decided to find out if anyone else had this need, so I started trying to sell to others, and people loved it! 

While the coffee was good, I had a feeling it could be better, so I purchased a roaster, and the next thing you know, I was roasting for my friends, their friends, and their friends. I even began to get some great reviews, and folks would tell me they could not drink store bought coffee anymore thanks to me. I even had folks tell me that they could never drink coffee black until they tried mine... amazing! I also roast espresso for lanes BBQ. They use it in their rub recipe, which is amazing as well.     

I purchased my roaster in 2014 and began working hard to produce the best roasted coffee available. We currently offer many varieties of coffee from around the globe. We purchase our beans from a large importer that guarantees excellent quality beans. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and the best coffee around!

                              We adopted the slogan " Best Beans Forever"   

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