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All of our beans are roasted fresh when you place your order, guaranteeing your satisfaction!

Espresso Beans

12 Oz Bag

Espresso beans can be roasted in many ways, large roasters will roast three type of beans all in one large batch for efficiency of time. Some roasters will roast three to five different type beans all separate then blend them together. 

The Canteen Cup Roastery we prefer roasting the beans individually and then blending them together because we recognize the roast profile is different for each type bean. Our espresso is very lovely in the cup and a sure way to start your day. In addition to that, its our special blend that you wont find anywhere else.


We have a secret blend, but I will say we do use Brazilian beans and one other South American Bean. The real secret is the third bean which we only get from one source. SO, give us a try, and just maybe you will experience the best cup of espresso you have ever had. 

Espresso Beans


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